Renovations are Complete at Best Western Plus Barclay!

  • January 08, 2019


The renovations and upgrades are complete! Here at Best Western PLUS Barclay in Port Alberni British Columbia, we strive to give the best to our guests! Here’s a quick outline of the new things you’ll find at our location.


Nothing big-- wait yes it is! You’ll find our sign has been updated, with the newly designed Best Western logo and the clear indication that we are a plus location. This means we give you accommodations and more.



The interior of our building and rooms follows a theme that warms you from the inside out. The deep orange, tawny, and maple colour flavourings of our walls and new furniture will simply invite you to just pull up a sit, kick up your feet, and relax to a cup of a tea.  The ambient lighting adds warmth and might even suggest you stay a while (if not forever)!



Our marbled countertops extend to an accent wall that will keep you staring forever.  The contrast will be a pleasant, but welcoming, juxtaposition. The cool colour temperature of the marbling will sure to let you know you’ve come to the right place.

Hot Tub & Sauna

The white tiles and accent piece of pseudo-mosaic rocks is a sight to get lost in as your sit in the heat of the hot tub.  This enclosed space is the perfect place to stay warm (hot), and stay cozy.

As the stones set in the wall continue along the wall, they’ll lead you to the wood sauna room.  The new wood structure inside the sauna room will be sure to help the steam do its job: detoxify!


As with the lobby and the rest of the building, there warm tones continue and follow you to your room. With fresh sheets, beds made, new head boards, and an earthy colour theme, your stay will feel like you’re right at home.  


Of course, we can say great things all we want, but why not come and see for yourself? Book your stay now.



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